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Victorinox Swiss Champ Pocket Knife Reviews

From Victorinox


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Victorinox Swiss Champ Pocket Knife Reviews (15 total)

Frank ·
In my opinion, best pocket knife ever. Used almost every day. Treat it nice and it won’t bite.
John ·
Great EDC!
Milan Vandenbilcke ·
Removed some layers, added keys and USB drive, white scales that accommodate for the pen
Karim ·
I've taken the scales off this one too, for a slimmer, slightly more pocketable profile. This usually goes with the mini screwdriver in a belt pouch, or on its own in a deep pocket/bag, pretty much everywhere I go, a great all round, UK legal EDC knife. I made the custom leather tag myself from a broken strap
Custom Titanium Scales and Lanyard
Swiss Champ with Custom Titanium Scales
Kavya ·
It's a knockoff
All the tools you'll ever need in one pocket.
Otto Polefko ·
I Never go without it anywhere. . .
Sapphire Blue
Kirk McGuire ·
Great camp knives, or glovebox
Kirk McGuire ·
What can I say... We all love the Swiss!
Kirk McGuire ·
I usually use a fungi knife I purchased in Florence, Italy... In a pinch a good old Swiss Army will do. This is a wild foraged Chanterelle mushroom.
B Veer ·
2001 model
Enmanuel Umaña B ·
The best multitool ever!! Use it everyday for 1 year and never had to sharpen it! This tool does everything I need to do