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the perfect tools for altoids tin are the ones made at they are all credit card sized, so they are a perfect fit with no wasted space.
Personally created survival tin.
Contains 2 butterfly strips, 2 medium sizes adhesive bandages, 6 Advil pills, 6 Tylenol extra strength pills, 6 Benadryl pills, 6 Bayer Aspirin tablets, 4 Imodium pills, and 2 Midol pills
Bic lighter
Mini mag/ferro
Quik tinder
Katadyn water tabs
3 fish hooks/line and sinkers
Foldable razor/ saw blade
Signal mirror
Super glue
Gaff tape
2 zip ties
3 Safety/ bobby pins
Sew kit
Dental floss
Rubber band
I will post a full break down of what I carry in my Altoids tin but in short it's things like, sewing kit micro cord painkillers and pen etc