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Recycled Firefighter The Rookie Wallet Reviews (5 total)

I love my Orange Typhoon Rookie wallet! It is awesome, well made and well...ORANGE! I also love that it is recycled and better yet recycled fire hose as I used to volunteer at the localendar firehouse for a couple of years. I did not know if I would like the book style, I thought it would be too bulky, however it is not. I also worried that without a band of some sort that it would stay open a bit in my front pocket where I carry it, but ipi do not have that problem. The only true problem with this is that Jake at Recyet Firefighter is over worked and it is hard to get these wallets cause they are so wicked cool! I actu ally found a barely used one on ebay, otherwise you can sign up for email alerts when Jake makes more. Get them while you can they are hella unique and way cool, durable and a great conversation starter, plus they help the environment and a Firefighter!
Love this wallet
Just picked this up, liked the other products they make, this holds like 7 cards and can hold down to 1 bill securely.
Black Combat Boot Leather
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