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Gerber Shard Reviews

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Gerber Shard Reviews (87 total)

Michael Mutant ·
A decent little tool. I wrapped it with some paracord to give it a little flair. Because I work at Chotchkie's and 37 pieces of flair is required.
A simple pry/"multitool" that takes the guesswork out of being TSA friendly.
My fav mini tool. My preference to stay on my keychain.
Jonathan ·
Very handy. TSA approved, but I had to toss mine at jury duty.
Rafael Moriel ·
Simple, handy pocket multitool . Made durable and stands up to Gerber's high standards.
Justin Schiller ·
Always on my keys. Awesome gadget.
Scott Wicksted ·
This lives on my key chain and will likely for ever!
Anthony Lombardi ·
Haven't found a comfortable place for this yet but is currently on a piece of paracord on my kershaw
Scott Sitter ·
Comes in handy working in a warehouse.
JourneywindJunk ·
Paracord wrap.
Nice as a pry tool. The bottle opener is overly sharp and can take a chip out of a bottle if you're not careful
Taylor R ·
Super lightweight, great little tool to have. If you don't find a use for the pry bar at least it is still a cool little bottle opener
Kevin Jin ·
It's cheap, small, opens bottles, and will probably still be around long after I'm dead.
Res ·
Great versatile item for my edc. Perfect pri bar.
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