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Fellhoelter Ti Bolt Pen Reviews

From Fellhoelter Knives

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Fellhoelter Ti Bolt Pen Reviews (7 total)

ryan becht ·
A Titanium full Frag pen to go with the set
ryan becht ·
A zirc Tibolt pen combined with a custom Timascus clip.
floatnsink ·
Captain Axel Zombie Dragon
MilkmanMetalz Spike Spin cap
Nils Kohring On/Off Bolt/Handle
Josh ·
This brass TiBolt has major, "fidget factor" and is with me most days. Never know when a fan will run up and ask for an autograph. Gotta be ready!
Rich Matthews ·
Absolutely love mine, carried for two years and use it everyday, an essential piece of kit
Not amused ·
I never knew you could select to use the glass breaker on these types of pens.Awesome!
John MacD ·
Fellhoelter Ti Bolt in Copper w/ Celtic knot.