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CRKT Squid Reviews

From Columbia River Knife & Tool


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CRKT Squid Reviews (17 total)

John Johnston ·
A compact, sturdy little knife that fits easily in a pocket. Don't let the small size fool you - it is capable and comes with a sharp blade out of the box. I've carried one for two years and it's one of my favorite knives.
Steve Vigo ·
The squid has become my secondary EDC knife. Because I just love it.
Eric Lee ·
My opinion, the Squid is the best budget EDC pocket-clip knife I have found. Classic looks with simple and clean lines. Perfect sizing and is comparable to knives that are much more exspensive. Worth adding to your carry.
Matua Matulessij ·
CRKT Squid by Lucas Burnley with brass scale
Alex Carpenter ·
Love the size and shape of this blade.
Niko Huupponen ·
Newbie edc-knife
Niko Huupponen ·
new pocketknife CRKT squid, nice size and pocket-clip, handy even it's small.
Kirk McGuire ·
I like squid...
Yunlu Zhu ·
too heavy, no other complain
C Nathaniel Von Lind ·
Custom brass scale add on
Dom Hemingway ·
carry this with me everywhere. Love the smooth finish and the blade is super sharp. My only other experience is with leatherman blades and I have to see this one is very comparable at half the price
Matthew ·
I picked up the CRKT Squid on a whim for $20 at Dick's Sporting Goods. It is small enough to be unobtrusive in my pocket and is not at all intimidating. The opening action is extremely smooth and can be performed with one hand. The blade was very sharp out of the package and is the perfect length for me. I read a review that said that the Squid is "almost a modern day take on your grandfather’s trusty old pocket knife, something that is reliable, whose only purpose is to get the job done." I wholeheartedly agree.
Gus Di Paulo ·
Limited run of 500 CRKT Squids, designed by Lucas Burnley. Carbon fiber scale on show side, with a stonewashed blade.
C Nathaniel Von Lind ·
With custom brass scale for a touch of class.
Vy Nguyen ·
Minimal EDC knife that also looks great.