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An excellent everyday companion!
Just bought this tool perfect edc tool 10/10..... I got the black one
6 months on wrist.
I have a big wrist and i still had to take a link out. Some tools are redundant so you can take out without loosing function. I chose the black as it doesnt stick out as much.
Won this item in the giveaway. It's a little heavy, but pretty cool. Looking it over I realized that it should be able to handle many of the things my Gerber Diesel can and more.
A wearable multi tool. Great looking and very handy.
heavy man jewelry
The Tread is a great EDC tool that also gets a lot of comments and compliments. It makes for a unique band that goes with most any large face watch.
Haven't used this a bunch yet, but I've gotten a lot of compliments on it.
Distinctive face!
After 3 years of daily wearing, corrosion and play are serious issues.
My favourite piece of manjewlery
Leatherman for iwatch
Every day for 3 years
Almost 4 Years wearing it every day. Corrosion and restorations are frequent
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