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Excellent. For notes out in the field and things you don't want to lose.
With the red/ silver Fisher space pen, a sharpie, a sharpie highlighter, and a Rite in the Rain notepad inside, along with two County Comm business card cases; one for business cards and one for mandatory carry certifications
Having a Notebook and pen for story boarding and shot blocking before a shoot can save much time on location and also track photos taken when covering an event
Notes are always important
a little smaller pages than field notes but significantly thicker
For taking notes in the field, and whatever else I need to write.
Perfect for jotting down stuff and not worrying about the pages getting ruined from oil and spray mist.
Fits in the Maxpedition.
Love these things!!!
The small Rite in the Rain outdoor notepad features unique, all-weather paper that sheds water and preserves the written image, even when wet.
The is the best note pad i have ever had in my edc how ever i need to find a cover for it because it gets deformed
Works great for when I'm out in some not-so-amazing conditions. Had to use this during the last series of crap weather up here in North Jersey.
Tough and waterproof - used for recording daily to do lists and all of the ephemera that will get forgotten otherwise.
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