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Rite In The Rain Notepad Reviews

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Rite In The Rain Notepad Reviews (29 total)

Amewa L'awo ·
Excellent. For notes out in the field and things you don't want to lose.
Brandon Sobieray ·
Brown leather holder for note pad
Däncer ·
I use it for daily tasks, writing down some notes and got my VIPs Numbers always by my side!
Sarge ·
Rite In The Rain Notepad
Tristan Cotterill ·
What is the point of carrying a pen if there is never anywhere to write something down? I needed something I could easily rip out but I also needed something sturdy because students are monsters. The Rite in the Rain Notebook fits both of those criteria plus it came in black.
Chase Baker ·
You know it you love it.
Chase Baker ·
You know it you love it. A joy to jot down notes with a good smoke.
George ·
LOVE these! got em in all sizes
Chuck Miller ·
Universal pattern softcover version
George ·
love these little guys
John McDonald ·
Fits seamlessly in my back pocket. Great for storing emergency contacts and other personal information
Kent Lieu ·
Great notebook for working in the kitchen, none of my notes ever scrub off or smudge
Stuart ·
I like this but they tend to be expensive and I think there are better ones out there.
Thor ·
With the red/ silver Fisher space pen, a sharpie, a sharpie highlighter, and a Rite in the Rain notepad inside, along with two County Comm business card cases; one for business cards and one for mandatory carry certifications
Dave Canterbury ·
Having a Notebook and pen for story boarding and shot blocking before a shoot can save much time on location and also track photos taken when covering an event
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