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Mike ·
This Thyrm Switchback 2.0 is great even when not carrying a firearm. Even for admistrative purposes it helps keep positive retention of the flashlight with no worry.
Thyrm switchback for when concealed carrying
The Thyrm S backup switchback is perfect for smaller edc lights. Although not specifically made for this model of streamlight, it has a snug fit and does not move.
This is the Thyrm Switchback S Backup (the smallest version of the Thyrm. @tuffpossumgear made a video where you can modify it to make it fit this particular light. It’s solid and great at keeping the light in your hand when doing other tasks. Also mainly used for concealed carrying.
The EDC Source ·
Model S Costa Ludus version.
John McDonald ·
This is the perfect accessory for my surefire. It allows me to pocket carry with ease and provides a fist load for self defense!
I own the Thyrm Switchback 2.0 ang installed it to my Olight M1X Striker
TDG Nick ·
Great accessory for my SureFire EB1. Easy to grab, great retention with ability to reload.