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Zebra F-701 Reviews

From Zebra Pen


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Zebra F-701 Reviews (79 total)

For the price, this pen really can't be beat.

With a slight, easy modification it can be made so that all parts are steel instead of the plastic clicking mechanism. (Parts from the Zebra F-402 can be utilized.)

The pen writes very well and has a great weight and feel in the hand. Fischer Space Pen refills are also available if you want to upgrade the cartridge.

Overall, my favorite pen thus far.
It seems like Zebra cheaped out just a little on this one. Why not put metal parts inside? The good thing is it takes the Space Pen refills. And it's not really that hard to do the 402 mod.
Frankenzebra! Mod with 402 and Fisher Space pen
My pen is a combo of the F-701 and the F-402. I've removed the plastic end piece on the 701and replaced it with the all steel part from the 402. Highly recommended. Great feel, durable, and you just can't beat that price(even when you buy both to make this.)
Cheap, takes fisher refills, and is built like a tank. This think can put dents in paper as well as in ice.
Great pen for EDC. Very solid. Even better with the clicker upgrade!
I love the weight and balance of this pen. Not so fussy on the included refills. For a start - I want blue. I have tried several including modded Uni and Zebra JK refills, as well as Fisher Space. That makes for one GREAT pen!
w/ F-402 and Fisher Space Pen mod
Awesome pen, very solid and writes smooth, got the F-301 as well, both use the same refills.
Owen one good pen retract button sticks a little. Other than that nice to have.
Great low budget pen.
What can I say, this pen is absolutely incredible especially for the price. It also looks great!
Loaded with a Parker SpacePen cartridge
Fisher space pen refill and brass button installed.
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