Saddleback Leather Wallet Sleeve


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Got one in chestnut color, looks and feels great. Very slim and quality leather, simple design. I keep 3 cards in mine and keep in my front pocket, cards fit a bit tight but should loosen with wear. Like it lots!
This simple leather card holder is incredibly durable and looks great. I don't carry a lot of cash on me at any given time, so it made sense to switch to card holder instead of carrying a trifold wallet like I used to carry. For now, it is holding 10 cards varying in thickness with room for another card and/or a couple of folded bills. It forced me to pick only the cards that I need or will need at any given time and rid myself once and for all of that bulky trifold that hurt to sit on. It's small enough to stick in a back pocket or front, whichever you prefer. So stop pondering over this and get one already!
Dark Coffee Brown colour
Very minimalist, holds what I need and nothing else.
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