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Moleskine Volant Reviews

From Moleskine

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Moleskine Volant Reviews (24 total)

BigOrangePA ·
Good quality memo book for fountain pen use.
Corey Olszewski ·
I like the texture of these notebooks, and they are great for more formal meetings.
Res ·
Missed using these little notebooks, great to just carry in the pocket along side. Fisher space pen.
Spike ·
The only notebook to fit easily in scrubs pockets.
Efloty ·
Keep this in my pioneer wallet so I always have something to write on when I leave home.
Matt Plant ·
For all the doodles.
Tim Joelsson ·
Moleskine XS Volant
Dan F ·
Interior slot
Slade ·
A durable, extra small notebook for keeping track of appointments, thoughts and any other random info I want to remember.
Robert Lee Martinez ·
I really like the perforated pages. They make it easy to leave a note when I have to.
Simon Gulle Gullstrand ·
The short story is, I got fed up with my notebooks breaking in my backpack, so i googled: "best notebook" and bought the Moleskine, never bought anything else since. Yep, It is truly that good!
Jason Ablang ·
At 6.5 x 10.5 cm, this has been a handy little notebook to have around for sketching out those million dollar ideas ;).
Kenneth M Blake ·
I always write things down for further reference.
Hermes ·
My go-to for ultra-portable notebooks. Usually throw this one in in my shirt's breast pocket along with my pen.
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