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BBM Beat Sh*t out of LGR ·
Carried daily for 6 years to date, dropped more than a dozen times and still works perfectly.
Carlos Eduardo Silva ·
Out of all the flashlights I own, I've been keeping this one on the desk mostly because of its looks, to be honest. It's nice, polished, and the medium mode is perfect for any task.
American Flag ·
The newest model of this remarkable penlight puts out 252 lumens! Super clicky activation, premium materials and feel, and nice flood for a fantastic, cheap product.
Jared Hagen ·
Fairly recent addition and can't believe I didn't start carrying one sooner. You will use it more than you think, worth its weight in gold! Takes two AAA batteries and gets super bright.
James ·
This penlight is perfect for everday use.