Leatherman Juice S2

From Leatherman

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Love it, small works basic tools,
Fits perfectly in the watch pocket of my jeans.
Been in my pocket for 6 years. It is slower to deploy then other newer models but pliers and scissors rocks. I use the bottle opener as a box opener to keep the knife clean. Screwdrivers are bent from use due to soft metal.
I carry this in my EDC work bag, The only thing I wish it had was a file.
KME edge on the knife blade
Old Juice S2 with leatherman belt sheath
Old version Leather Juice S2 with Drop point blade. Well worn orange anodized scales.
Handles most task where a multi tool would be needed in my daily routine
Great tool to carry when you don't want to pack a full size.
I have a Ti Charge and a Surge as well, but they are just too heavy to EDC
Scored this for $35 on eBay.
Love this tool for its size and weight. Largest pair of scissors I've seen on a multi tool.
For me, this is the perfect multi tool. I don't much care for a bulky tool on my belt, so this is small enough for pocket carry, but large enough to be useful.
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