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I love the Juice S2, it's the perfect compact multi-tool for my needs. I have used this thing so much. It's the perfect in-between-size Leatherman.
Josh ·
I've had this all silver Juice S2 from Leatherman for years and I love it! I carry it every day!
Josh ·
Old silver version
Cori G ·
I know the Orange Juice is in a lot of my photos, but that’s what it means to carry something EVERY DAY, regardless of photos. I’ll stop carrying it when it stops being all I need in a multitool
Anderson Moyers ·
I had one of these that I carried every day for 12 years and lost it within the last month. In order to get the older style again bought a used one on ebay. In all those years was never able to find another multitool that was such a good combination of functionality (scissors and pliers) with low weight.
Old version with a leather belt sheath
Small enough I can fit this into any pocket, anywhere, anytime.
Cori G ·
CutleryLover spoke highly of these YEARS ago, haven’t stopped carrying one ever since
Ray Nelson ·
This is another long term carry item. I’ve had it for about 7 years, and it just doesn’t quit. Love this thing.
Cori G ·
Never leave my house without it
Josh ·
Old, plain version of the Juice S2.
Just ordered one of these. It's coming this week and I'm very excited!
Chanaski ·
I carry this in my EDC work bag, The only thing I wish it had was a file.
Steven Oliver ·
KME edge on the knife blade
Old Juice S2 with leatherman belt sheath
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