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Saddleback Medium Bifold Wallet Reviews

From Saddleback Leather Co.


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Saddleback Medium Bifold Wallet Reviews (7 total)

Bradley Williams ·
I received this wallet as a gift maybe 5 years ago, and it has been a EDC mainstay for me everyday in those 5 years.

Obviously, since this is a product from Saddleback, it is of the highest design and manufacturing quality.

With that said, my only 3 negaitves:

1) From day 1, it has never closed very semetrically. I do not overload this wallet by any means. 1-2 cards in each of the 6 front slots (3 on either side), usually little to no cash, and nothing in the back slots on either side (behind the front three slots on each side). Still, it never really closes right. One half sits crookedly in relation to the other. This bugs me. If I could get a differential wallet from Saddleback, I'd probably go for one of the non-folding ones. Also, this would probably cut down on the width of the wallet, which sometimes bothers me in my back pocket.

2) The coloration has become very "splotchy." I used to work for a leather company, so I know what a nice patina is... this is less of patina, and more of discoloration.

3) All of my cards that sit in this wallet get trashed after just a couple weeks. I don't know if this happens to anyone else, the printing on my IDs, the coloring, and the black bars on my debit/credit cards wear away after just a couple weeks of being put in my wallet.

Other than those 3 things, the stitching has held up wonderfully, and I still appreciate this wallet.
Tony Weidman ·
Bradley, if you don't know, Saddleback has redesigned this wallet so your cards wont get trashed. give them a call and they will replace your old wallet with the new design.
ThaGreenBoy ·
Awesome, simple bifold wallet. Patina over time is beautiful!
John Johnston ·
I used this wallet for about a year. The leather was of excellent quality and the overall design was good. I was able to carry all my cards and cash with no problem. But then, problems arose. As others have mentioned, the wallet did not fold symmetrically. Not a big deal, but annoying. The card slots began to stretch out and did not hold as securely. The last straw was when the stitching began to unravel. For the price, I was disappointed that it did not hold up better after only one year of use. It sits in a drawer, replaced by a Bellroy wallet that has held up exceptionally well for three years and counting.
Joshua ·
An update from my previous post: this wallet is starting to get a nice patina and scratches everywhere; the lining has a tendency to stretch out with wear: not ideal but not a deal-breaker
Austin ·
Tobacco color. Well worn in with a nice patina.