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Doug ·
Affordable yet professional, this was my go to office pen for years. Finally upgraded to the Zebra F-402.
American Flag ·
Not my usual EDC pen. Five times cheaper than a space pen and nice-looking and slim. Perfect for an extra EDC kit or to save some money when putting together an EDC.
Jerry Pruitt ·
Every since Zebra pens been on the market always used them. Good writting tool.
Emory Alexander ·
Everyone knows how great, and affordable these pens are!
Nick Janssen ·
Love the way this writes with the 0.7mm cartridge. Fine enough for detail and very small printing, but not too sharp.
George ·
only pen I like using
George ·
great pen, in office and out
George ·
Only pen I use
Andrew Clickard ·
This is an in-between pen. It matches the pencil, but the action is a bit scratchy for my taste.
Dave Skillen ·
This is the deluxe ballpoint pen and pencil set which I got on a special offer with the case. Total essential.
Fine point love this pen
Todd Davis ·
These are great pens that write smooth and are easy on the hand.
Ryan ·
Best pen around.
Ryan ·
I carry one of these pens everywhere. Off and on duty. My favorite pen to write with. Very durable.
Jerry Pruitt ·
I put this pens everywhere when i need it, it is there when i need it. Wonderful!