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Butterfly08 ·
A great all around tool, if you have a wave I wouldn't upgrade unless you want just a slightly better knife that is made of 730vn steel. I use this for everyday task as well as hiking or camping trips. overall it covers everything I need it for.
CD Pace ·
Always in my go bag, a solid tool to have.
Richard Simonte ·
So far this is my favorite full sized multi tool that I've owned! The tools are all very practical and the interchangeable bits in the bit kit make this tool that much more versatile. The leather sheath is also well made and has stood up to the heavy abuse from many field ops, which I think goes above and beyond the parameters of its original intended use!
Sam T ·
Love it so much as I had used everyday since i have it. It is my 2015 birthday gift from my wife. I lOve you !
General Mayhem ·
Love it.. this tool isthe mutts nuts.. its hard to beat in terms of engineering, build quiality and flexibility, being able to use different bits with it is great, teh blades are axcellent and the pliers very strong.. it is heavy though, even though its the titanium one.
Dan Best ·
Carried in American Bench Craft multitool case
Sarge ·
Leatherman Charge TTi
Baba Yaga ·
With bit kit and sheath
John McDonald ·
This has 19 tools in one. I never leave home without it!
Vasiliy ·
My edc
uniquepattern ·
With Donk! Titanium Pocket Clip
uniquepattern ·
Features custom titanium clip and bead
John McDonald ·
This has a myriad of uses. I mainly use the pliers or knife. Awesome tool with exceptional quality. By far my favorite item in my everyday carry Arsenal.
Abd ·
Can someone tell me the whole thing titanium scared to purchase one dont want it to get rusted
John McDonald ·
I bought this as my new everyday carry mutiltool. The S30V blade holds an edge much longer than other blade steels I own. The titanium handles also make it more durable. I constantly find myself using this tool and will carry it for years to come!
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