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My EDC food prep knife!
Has served me well. Perfect size. mindbogglingly sharp, and stays like that. Locks well, handle is sturdy and well sized for such tasks as food prep, carving, etc.
Just about to get into the handle modification / customization community!
Joe Pierce ·
Great knife for light duty. The carbon steel blade holds a razor sharp edge very well. You have to take care of it though, the blade will rust if you're not careful.
I use my opined mainly as a letter opener but very handy for around the house. Lovely knife sharp reliable and a great purchase of mine.
Tom Taylor ·
Small, lockable, light, sharp and affordable.
Jon S ·
I love the Carbone model as it patina's so well. The opinel is such a great pocket carry knife.
OpinelMod. Number 6. Box Cutter
Mark Myers ·
From Comte maker Marcel Petit
Awesome classic folder, great for dressy occasions.
francis ·
olive wood handle
Jack ·
This opinel in oak is great. The lock ring has to be removed to make it a UK appropriate pocket knife.
Richard ·
INOX version. Excellent for cutting fruit and other food
Kevin ·
With a cooked handle
Kahlil ·
Not on person, kept in my bag
Best in the pocket gentlemens folder