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Bradley Williams ·
I'm just going to come right out and sayit: This is one of the best purchases I have ever made.

I spent a couple months researching EDC flshlights... brands, dimensions, lumens, settings, hardware, batteries, clips, prices... There is a lot that goes into it. This loght checked every box for me:

- It was <4" long and <1" in diameter, so in my book that a perfect EDC size.

- It has a decent pocket clip

- It has a massive RANGE of lumens. I wanted a small light that could hit the high lumens, >500, yet on it's lowest setting put out <10 lumens. This light goes from 5 to 550 lumens, with two other outputs in between (plus a strobe setting)

- Fenix is has a great reputation as far as flashlights go

- It has a clicky in the backside opposite the lens that turns it on, and the button on the side switches the modes. Super simple.

- Every time you turn it back on, it comes back on in the mode it was turned off in.

- Battery life is great, I've had this flashlight for almost a year, and I've only just recently had to swap out the batteries.

- $57.45 is a lot of money for a small flashlight, but it has proven itself to be so incredibly valuable. Worth every nickel.

All in all, this is my favorite part of my EDC, and when... or if this light ever breaks, I'm going to buy a clone to replace it. I recommend this light to anyone and everyone who wants an EDC flashlight.