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Scott Wicksted ·
My first real key chain light. Perfect for around the car (when you drop something under the seat....) or getting your key in the door and etc.
A little dated known so your best getting the LED version but a great small AAA flashlight.
Maglites are great for close up work or situations where too much light is disruptive(in the tent when someone else is trying to sleep).
Dave ·
It's way to dim, almost useless.
Johan Bertilsson ·
A very nice little flashlight, mine is the older non led model. I have had it for almost 12 years. Just new lightbulbs now and then.
Mark ·
Wouldn't suggest it.
Came with my Porter cross body.
jacksbuddy ·
With +/- 24" of duct tape
Bruce Maczko ·
I have the non led version. Its old and outdated, but does what I need it to do.