Mercator Knives 154S Black Cat Lockback Knife with Black Metal Handles

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Modified, Uglified. I've owned & edc'd K55's off & on since 5th grade. That means well over 50 years. Suffice to say, I'm very happy with it. Slim- easy to keep in pocket comfortably, long & sharp enough. In fact (IMO) a bit too long for legal carry in some states. The most recent one I got on Ebay for less than my first one cost me at Modell's in the Bronx in 1965. Less than $4 bucks with shipping. Yeah, I got lucky. Thing is, it had the logo of some lumberyard on it, and I just didn't like that. Plus, at that price, I figured I can mess with it. Took a Dremel tool & removed the logo & all the yellow paint. Then I cut a thumb indent, again with the Dremel. Followed up with an acid etch using mustard. May change that yet. And finally, concocted my own thumb stud, using a #8 bolt, nut & some plumber's putty. A #6 would probably be better, but hey, it works.
A pleasure to one-hand open now. Something I could never say about the K55 before.
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