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Doug ·
If you have a Leatherman with a bit driver, this slim set can add lots of function without a lot of weight and bulk. These are stored in the cars as a supplement to the everyday carry multitool.
Paul Pearson ·
love these
Barry Allen ·
Not much to say. These bit drivers deliver a LOT of functionality in a tiny package.
comes with the Leatherman Charge Al.
Scott Wicksted ·
These are pretty slick. They do tend to make the sheath a little bulky though so I only carry one of them with the bits I feel I'd use most. The rest of them stay in the vehicle or in my edc bag.
Jerry Pruitt ·
Glad these are made for the leatherman family you will be lost without them thank you leatherman maker idea person for doing this for the family of multitools.
Potronaut ·
Just to make you favourite multi-tool even more useful add these little bit drivers to your EDC and you will not regret it! "No regrats"!!!
Everardo Balandran Jr. ·
Very handy.
John B. ·
Great quality!
Iain Fallon ·
never leave home without them
Eric Nicholson ·
Leatherman 931014 40-Bit Assortment for Leatherman Bit Drivers
Dust ·
Chris Wong ·
Added belt clips to bit holders.
Douglas S. ·
with added truck pre-trip tool (for checking brake pads & tire treads)
Carried in the Leatherman belt holster.