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Expensive for its size, but perfectly sized for almost every edc task you throw at it. If you have medium/small sized hands you'll love it. And because it is so small, people won't give you weird looks when you take it out of your pocket.
Great EDC knife that doesn't scare coworkers, is super lightweight at just over 1 oz and comes with me everywhere, mapping, bikepacking, hiking, and the beach.
sharp, easy to use takes up no space
Pocket clip broke twice, not risking it again.
In ZDP-189, FRN dyed black
My first Spyderco! I'm very impressed. Everything I'd heard about them is true. I've got my eye on a few larger models now, but I can see myself carrying this for many years to come.
I usually carry this tiny blade when I have my Juice S2/ Otherwise I have a few other go-to blades and usually end up carrying a MicroTech UTX85, SOG Aegis or a Benchmade folder
Anyone looking to buy this great knife, I recommend choosing the variant with ZDP-189 steel. ZDP-189 steel is one of the knife industry’s hottest, hardest and highest performing knife steels today. 3% of its structure is pure carbon which makes the steel harder and in turn furthers its edge retention capacity. For a small premium (about 20%) you can have this high-performance and exotic steel instead of the more commonly available VG-10.
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