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good quality lighters
Clipper lighters are the best. They are light, come in a ton of different colors and graphics, are easily refillable, and have replaceable flints. I love these. They usually come in packs of 4. They are great for EDC bags and they have the potential to last for a very long time.
Nothing much to say. Simple sturdy lighter. Very durable. Can sustain a flame for a good minute before internal components begin to melt, which can make the flint shoot out. Great for lighting fires or burning through rope.
Hard to find but will last you a lifetime since they’re refillable.
I don't smoke but hey lighter is useful any given day
with metal case
Something you can bet on
A shotgun shell fits perfectly around a clipper! i wrapped mine with electrical tape because it split...
Made a shotgun shell case for it just adds a bit of personality...
Custom carbon fibre sticker
Never leave home without a source of fire. Also helps to make friends.
Pink, because most blokes won't "forget to give back" one that's this colour!
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