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Clipper lighter Reviews (17 total)

Pablo Trespalacios ·
Great lighter with removable wheel and Stone for throwing sparks when the gas os out. What else?
alvaro sanchez ·
Personalized with a shotgun shell
Omar ·
Small and refillable.
Mike Taschler ·
With selfmade leather sleeve
Jacob Allen ·
Like this lighter. Don’t smoke, but has come in handy to melt the ends of shoe laces when they break or tow straps after cutting to length. Also nice to be able to offer a light now and then.
Rudolf Six ·
Hard to find but will last you a lifetime since they’re refillable.
Assist RM Otc ·
I don't smoke but hey lighter is useful any given day
with metal case
Something you can bet on
Juan ·
good quality lighters
Nick ·
Clipper lighters are the best. They are light, come in a ton of different colors and graphics, are easily refillable, and have replaceable flints. I love these. They usually come in packs of 4. They are great for EDC bags and they have the potential to last for a very long time.
A shotgun shell fits perfectly around a clipper! i wrapped mine with electrical tape because it split...
Made a shotgun shell case for it just adds a bit of personality...
Adham Ibrahim ·
Custom carbon fibre sticker
Zach Groenewald ·
Never leave home without a source of fire. Also helps to make friends.