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Awesome little light. May upgrade to the newer models in the future, but for size and features, just really hard to beat.
Super bright, super compact, extremely versatile and still under $50.
Best darn EDC Flashlight out there!
Small and powerful little thing.
Because it’s dark and I’m scared OK!
light enough for everyday carry
Great little light, been reliable for going on three years now. Switch out the battery every other month.
Compact flashlight for the week
Best pocket-friendly flashlight!
Hi lumens, easy to carry with CR123 battery.
Compact yet very bright.
Best flashlight what i'm have ever been, suits perfectly to EDC use!
best EDC light ever!
Using this as a mini spare flashlight. Very high quality. The magnet at the end is so useful. Also, the flashlight is so small and light that i can easily hold it in the mouth if i need to.
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