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BigOrangePA ·
Awesome little light. May upgrade to the newer models in the future, but for size and features, just really hard to beat.
JP ·
Super bright, super compact, extremely versatile and still under $50.
Chris Crawford ·
Best darn EDC Flashlight out there!
Everardo Balandran Jr. ·
Small and powerful little thing.
Mark ·
Compact and powerful
Jose Mz ·
3+ years and has been my main flashlight for everyday use!
On My Person ·
Because it’s dark and I’m scared OK!
Poting ·
light enough for everyday carry
Great little light, been reliable for going on three years now. Switch out the battery every other month.
MTBoxer ·
Compact flashlight for the week
Niko Huupponen ·
Best pocket-friendly flashlight!
MTBoxer ·
Hi lumens, easy to carry with CR123 battery.
Michael Hill ·
Compact yet very bright.
Phascolarctos cinereus ·
small and stronger
Niko Huupponen ·
Best flashlight what i'm have ever been, suits perfectly to EDC use!
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