Foursevens Preon P2

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Great little light. I dislike how easy it is to bend the clip, and how easily the light can be accidentally switched on. Also, I would prefer mode memory, but as an examination light, always starting in low is pretty nice.
I know they are now defunct. but if you have a preon and need a good clip you cant beat the Prometheus ti clip. Yep, they want $20 bills for it, but it is the shit. No lie, mine has been on my preon for years and is still holding like a champ.
Excellent EDC penlight, I've been carrying one of these for over 3 years and it's perfect size for normal pants pockets. The three modes are helpful for different lighting conditions and needs. The only issues I have had is bending the pocket clip every now and then. I've had no issues with the light I've been carrying for several years, it has been a solid light for day to day activities.
see the comment above.
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