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This leatherman is extremely useful. I really like the bronze scratcher to get the carbon build up off of the bolt of my ar.
On the heavy side, but has all the tools that I use on a daily basis. The sheath isn't terrefic for mounting on a belt, its much better to mount on a Molle vest or suchwhat.
Heavy duty. This is designed to clean and maintain an ar 15. So I have a few suggestions. 1. The pliers should be spring loaded and aren't. I would be more likely to use a hack saw vs a wood saw on a piece of equipment used to maintain a firearm. Past that I metal file on the side of a hack saw would be ideal. The attachments for cleaning rods are useless if you don't have the tools with you. If the whole pouch assembly came with all you needed for field cleaning an at I would give it a better review. That being said the pliers and knife and cutter are of good quality so I do carry it on my belt when not at work. Not the best pocket carry unless in a heavier jacket
The knife that does most of the day-to-day work
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