Opinel No. 7

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Great blades, hold an edge very well. I am not afraid to use mine to do food prep, and it is also pretty good at cutting plug tobacco with its thinner blade.
My 2nd EDC food prep knife!
Has served me well. Perfect size. Mindbogglingly sharp, and stays like that. Locks well, handle is sturdy and well sized for such tasks as food prep, carving, etc.
Just about to get into the handle modification / customization community!
Easy to sharpen, easy to bring. cheap.
Customized Opinel (shape and color)
Stainless steel version (as I'm too lazy for caring for carbon steel)
Safety Orange handle.
• Affordable
• Classic good looks
• Stainless Steel blade prevents rust
• N°07 is the right size for me instead of the flagship N°08.
• Wooden handle is susceptible to moisture
• Made in France
Used and abused, as the broken tip testify, Opinel carbon #7
Very custom. All modifications made from scratch except Kwik Thumb stud.
Elegant and comfortable, this is my first choice knife for EDC
What can i say, it's a classic folder that i'm not afraid to abuse with it's low price tag.
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