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Gerber Suspension Multi Plier Reviews (12 total)

Great cheap multitool. Sheath sucks.
I. AM. MCGUYVER. In my mind's eye, when I pull this baby out of my bag and solve every bloody problem imaginable.
Nothing to complain about at all and I really like the spring action for the pliers design. Great to keep in your car, bug out/field bag or EDC.
great quality tool
Has anyone found a sheath alternative? I got the suspension for Christmas 2018 and the sheath is falling apart.
This thing gets so much daily use on my job.
Great multi tool.
Really useful in crunch situations
Bought this multi-tool when I left home and moved out on my own. I've had it for several years now on camping/fishing/hunting trips. Has all the tools I need and has a sturdy feel in my hands.
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