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Uzi Tactical Pen with Glassbreaker Reviews

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Uzi Tactical Pen with Glassbreaker Reviews (7 total)

James ·
Parker black refill.
Kenneth Percy ·
Basic Tactical Pen.
i use a pen all the time, which means i break a lot of pens. i started looking into tactical pens because i wanted something that takes space pen refills and is tough. i got one of these at an army surplus store by me for around 25 bucks. the refill it came with wasn't very good and stopped writing after a day or so, but i had a space pen refill on hand, so it wasn't a big deal. i like the heft and it looks pretty cool, i kinda dig the scratches it's acquired. one of my coworkers picked it up and said, "this is a weapon! this has to be yours!" the only way i've used the glass breaker is as kind of a scoring/marking tool. the clip is nice and secure with very little springiness, although pen usually lives in the outer pocket of my edc backpack. the main downside is the deployment mechanism, which takes 4 or 5 turns to get the refill out, which makes my usual click pen or even capped pen seem lightning fast. another potential minus is that the pen is a little bit rattley. i don't mind it but someone who isn't a monster might notice it. it's good introductory pen for something that's tactical/actual metal, but even though i carry it around in my bag i usually end up using whatever easier to deploy pen i have on me instead.
This model is thhe UZI-TACPEN4-BK Defender Tactical pen with full handcuff key, DNA catcher, carbide glass breaker tip and Fisher Space Pen refill.
Michael Wingate ·
Brilliant, I have 2, silver and black.
TripleDotter ·
Great personal defense too and pen. Can be used to block or strike an aggressor.
J Scott Reinitz ·
Solid. Best part is you twist to get to the pen instead of having to unscrew and remove a cap like most tactical pens.