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The trusty iPhone 6s. Well, aside from the battery, which needs a little bit of TLC... love it to bits though. I love knowing things and discovering new things, so having access to the outside world and the internet always means information is just at my finger tips.
Apple iPhone 6s in Brown leather Suncase
Used to take the picture is my iPhone 6s. I chose this phone because simply put I want something with a good camera, inexpensive, good battery, and just plain and simply works.
When choosing a phone I want something that works simply and easily. The iPhone 6s hits this for me.
I prefer iPhone as I want a phone that simply works. I also want something where if I do have issues I can take it to a physical person to get it serviced not ship it somewhere.
iPhone 6s with a cheap silicon case on it.
Mainly used for social media, entertainment and constant contact with loved ones.
iPhone 6s in a Magpul Case.
Work Phone.
With Ruth Bader Ginsburg case
Not pictured. Carried in left front pocket
Pretty happy being on the Apple ecosystem, its straight forward and use to use for someone with minimal tech knowledge and desire to customise too much. And they look good! Picked this up last year after 4 years on the iPhone 4.
Let’s face it, in the early 21st century mankind has become extremely dependent on these devices because it’s the Swiss Army Knife of technology in one reasonably compact unit. It seems every day these tools become more and more involved in our daily lives with the advancement of media, personal organization, navigation, health, and communication applications (apps). The truth is that will always need to stay in touch with friends and family and to communicate with others. At this point in time, that method is via voice call, email, or text and that is sure to change in the near future soon enough. Further, with the advancement of Google Maps, traditional means of navigation have since been forgotten unless you’re out in the bush with no cell service. I remember not long ago, having to call someone on a land line prior to meeting to get step-by-step directions and God forbid you missed one of those turns, otherwise it meant pulling over and asking someone for assistance and that usually added another 20 minutes to your travel time. Apple and Google changed all that, and it is unlikely that our phones will be leaving our pockets anytime soon as a result.
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