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Apple iPhone 6s Reviews

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Apple iPhone 6s Reviews (44 total)

Arton Gashi ·
Compact smartphone
Charlie ·
The trusty iPhone 6s. Well, aside from the battery, which needs a little bit of TLC... love it to bits though. I love knowing things and discovering new things, so having access to the outside world and the internet always means information is just at my finger tips.
Tony ·
Apple iPhone 6s in Brown leather Suncase
Jordan Vail ·
Used to take the picture is my iPhone 6s. I chose this phone because simply put I want something with a good camera, inexpensive, good battery, and just plain and simply works.
Jordan Vail ·
When choosing a phone I want something that works simply and easily. The iPhone 6s hits this for me.
Jordan Vail ·
I prefer iPhone as I want a phone that simply works. I also want something where if I do have issues I can take it to a physical person to get it serviced not ship it somewhere.
Mathew Richardson ·
Work Phone
Gregory Jent ·
iPhone 6s with a cheap silicon case on it.
Mainly used for social media, entertainment and constant contact with loved ones.
Justin L ·
iPhone 6s in a Magpul Case.
Niko Huupponen ·
Daily Driver
Kenny ·
Work Phone.
Ryan Freedman ·
With Ruth Bader Ginsburg case
Kyle ·
Not pictured. Carried in left front pocket
Lorenzo ·
Pretty happy being on the Apple ecosystem, its straight forward and use to use for someone with minimal tech knowledge and desire to customise too much. And they look good! Picked this up last year after 4 years on the iPhone 4.
Niko Huupponen ·
New Phone!
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