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Triple Aught Design Fastpack Litespeed II Reviews

From Triple Aught Design

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Triple Aught Design Fastpack Litespeed II Reviews (14 total)

One amazing pack!!! I can add and remove features and upgrades at will. Worth every penny/dollar.
Damn, you really wanted everyone to know you have this pack, huh?
Just arrived today is my newest color combo idea. I purchased this impossible to find OP1 TAD multicam black pouch. Looks killer with my all black Litespeed pack. Mission accomplished!
My pack is a Triple Aught Design Litespeed Fast Pack
My tad Litespeed pack
My go-to bag to haul what I need during the day
I love this bg like its my child. This bag is an amazing platform for whatever you want to do. You want a minimalist go to the office bag. Done. You need an entire panel of pencil and pen holders? put the beaver tail inside the bag. You need to add capacity for hiking? done. I have carried (attached to it) multiple CNC milled steel gear boxes for a show along with my laptopn some extra tshirts as give aways, ptrint out cards for my tradeshow booth and strapped to the outside three pop banners and was easily able to carry it all in with me into the tradeshow with no porblem. I then unloaded everything and that weekend strapped on a maxpedition proteus versipack to the bottom and four vanquest FTIM to the side and back and took it hiking with my wife and some friends in the finger lakes for a week. love it won't need another pack for a long time.