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The name says it all
Demetrius Williams ·
The lighter you need.
Davin Turner ·
great lighter when you use zippo fuel, everything else I've tried doesn't burn properly or even ignite.
John ·
Short, sweet, and to the point.
Original Zippo black matte
Shawn ·
Zippo black matte lighter
Tristan Cotterill ·
How many times have you needed to light candles? The Zippo Lighter is a EDC staple and it fills the need. This is one part of my kit I have been looking at upgrading for a while. There are a few USB-C plasma lighters now on the market which would be great to not have to worry about lighter fluid however but, unfortunately getting any of them here in China seems to be a challenge
Chase Baker ·
Im a sucker for black and classics.
Mika ·
2+ years in use , used to light a smoke.
Däncer ·
I would call it "slightly used"
Ash Emmanuel Pahliney ·
With butane gas insert
Zippo , fidget factor really high. Love the smell of fuel. Used for smoking
i dont smoke, but it always comes in handy and it looks cool.
Ethan Mitchell ·
I don’t smoke haha just a simple emergency lighter
Cori G ·
Thunderbird insert can’t go wrong
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