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JayBird BlueBuds X Reviews

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JayBird BlueBuds X Reviews (6 total)

AJvS ·
Great BT-headphones, been lasting for years. Hardly any dropouts, great sound, decent battery life and (for me when using foam or hybrid tips) a great fit. Yes they stick out of your ears a bit, but no dangling big battery fob and easy charging via micro usb via the right shell.
Don Dewar ·
I've been using my JayBird BlueBuds X for several months now and really do enjoy them. The seal is really comfortable and the sound is incredible. Having two ways to wear the headphones is nice but as usual I chose the simpler manner. I use these for watching movies on my Surface Pro 3 and when working out with my HTC One. All in all they are splendid for listening to music though I have had complaints while using them for voice calls but havent been certain it wasn't cellular coverage at fault.
Matt K ·
Comfortable and with great sound quality. I can't stand that Apple nonsense.
Charles Buchwald ·
Convenient, water-resistant, decent sound and good battery life. Now I really don't want to go back to wires.
Justin Hughes ·
Great headphones. Good battery life, incredible range on bluetooth. I mainly use them while I'm weightlifting at the gym.
AJvS ·
Have these for around a year now. Never liked the included tips, I prefer foam tips: much more comfortable and better fitting/sound. Use them while gardening/during sports/cycling. Work really well, but the price is steep though. However I often ride through rain and they still work 100% so I am not really complaining...