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Olight M1X Striker XM-L2 Reviews

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Sjsj ·
This flashlight is for selfdefense and it so good i have also olight i3t this 2 lights are best on market now i think i before used ledlenser and streamlight
I have installed mine with Thyrm Switchback 2.0.
with a custom kydex sheath and extra battery
Custom kydex sheath with extra battery
Adam ·
An excellent edc/tactical torch.
I have used this extensively in my edc routine and also for advanced low to no light tactical firearm training.
Battery used: Olight 3600 mAh lithium 18650
Gary Weinheimer ·
This thing is bloody bright! If you want a small bright light I highly reccomend it.
Jason A. ·
Elm numerous Uno!
Jason A. ·
I never leave the house without this light.
Jason A. ·
Excellent torch, first item I put in my pocket everyday!
Gary Weinheimer ·
If you work the night shift this is a great light for you. The beam lights up a large enough area that it's useful and the fact that it's light and smaller ought to fit in your pocket is perfect. I highly recommend this tool.