Trayvax Element Wallet

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Great minimalist wallet with some added perks (bottle opener). Keeps me honest as to what I need in my wallet. Beautiful design & construction. I've got mine on a paracord lanyard with a Trayvax Ti carabiner at the end.
The best and most useful wallet I've ever owned. I use a bongo tie on the lanyard hole. That part of the metal chassis I use frequently to unscrew quick release plates from camera bodies. Has about the same thickness at the corners as a nickel- which is great because I never have a coin with me when I need it.
One of my first front pocket wallets. It lasted me but ran out of room.
Minimal, classy leather & metal goodness.
"I'm BatDad" burned in on the backside.
The guys at Trayvax have gone above and beyond to make me a happy customer. Just fantastic.
Latigo Rivet Loop
Wanted a long lasting wallet and sick of cheap wallets from amazon and after reading reviews here, I chose Trayvax Element wallet as my EDC
Trayvax Element Wallet - Canyon red black edition
Dark Brown Element Wallet by Trayvax. Great alternate to the traditional bulky wallets, also has a bottle opener.
A bit pricey but a quality made item. I don't plan on buying another for a long time!
Can't say enough about the Trayvax wallet. Low profile in pocket and holds a ton.
Can't say enough about this wallet. I have 8 cards in this thin wallet, which includes a can opener and can second for a defense weapon. (If one was so incline)
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