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Bic Lighter Reviews

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Bic Lighter Reviews (73 total)

Everyone knows what this is and does. I keep them in all the emergency and hiking kits. Though not a smoker, I do like to have one on my person when out-of-doors and pocket space allows. Hard to justify the additional cost, weight, and fuel hassles of the Zippo, unless you just have to have something windproof.
Lonnie Cheshire ·
It's a lighter not much more to say. Dependable and good price so you wont break the bank trying to buy more if you lose it.
René ·
Best lighter there is and probably ever will be.... it’s that simple!
Erik Gerzinic ·
Sturdy, reliable and well made. They last me quite a long time and almost never malfunction. I recommend it.
Amewa L'awo ·
The best out there bar none.
I simply love it, its a workhorse. Durable, works every time, it does anything a lighter should do.
Robert -White Feather ·
Fire when you need it, just make sure you have a backup.
Classic lighter always there when you need it, until it's empty that is!
Steve jones ·
The ability to make fire is something I always make sure I have.
Erin Jacobson ·
I don't smoke but I got in the habit of carrying a lighter when I was a CNA and had to light the cigarettes for the patients during their smoke break. I got tired of asking co-workers for their lighters.
CollegeEDC ·
wrapped w/ 6ft of paracord
Paul Pearson ·
Always in tool box.
Daniel Griffin ·
I quit smoking years ago but still carry a Bic around.
Tom Taylor ·
Accept no substitute!
Andrea Zoli ·
I don't smoke, but you never know when a lighter may come in handy.
It has "metallica" carved on it.
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