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Sturdy, reliable and well made. They last me quite a long time and almost never malfunction. I recommend it.
The best out there bar none.
I simply love it, its a workhorse. Durable, works every time, it does anything a lighter should do.
Fire when you need it, just make sure you have a backup.
Classic lighter always there when you need it, until it's empty that is!
The ability to make fire is something I always make sure I have.
I don't smoke but I got in the habit of carrying a lighter when I was a CNA and had to light the cigarettes for the patients during their smoke break. I got tired of asking co-workers for their lighters.
wrapped w/ 6ft of paracord
Always in tool box.
I quit smoking years ago but still carry a Bic around.
Accept no substitute!
The simplicity, Durability and easy of use make the Bic lighter a great choice for carry, starting fires is easily accomplished if materials are processed correctly, the addition of Tape gives you option for quick first aid, repair, and an extender for flame in a tinder bundle as the material is flammable
Bic Lighter with custom case. Had case for 2 years.
Just a plain throw away Bic lighter
Always keep em on me
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