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Leatherman Brewzer Reviews

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Leatherman Brewzer Reviews (18 total)

This basic tool is serves for what it is built for. One of my #1 EDC pocket tool. The best thing about it is you can attach it to your KeyBar, it's thickness and size are suitable.
Hams Kenoby ·
Ligera y útil.
Nice upgrade from Nite Ize products, still cheap enough that losing it as a TSA checkpoint isn’t a dealbreaker. Unlike many competitors, this has more usable features than advertised, not less. Tiny hook at tip makes opening boxes a breeze and bottle opener actually opens bottles first time every time. Disappears in pocket or on keychain.
Corey Olszewski ·
Great little guy for keyring EDC.
Skye ·
I picked this because it has anot oxygen wrench within the handle and I work in healthcare. I love the box opening tip, it is sharp enough to do the job but not too sharp to cut your hand. It also saves the blade on my knife from getting dull cutting through tape. The bottle opener works in a pinch but is not terribly comfortable in the hand. My only complaint is that the hole for a keyring is also the oxygen wrench, a bad design in my opinion so I supplement this with s #2 Nite-Ize S-binder so I can remove it from my keyring quickly to use.
Rey Leon ·
The bottle opener on this tool is set too far towards the middle of the body, giving you very little leverage to pry tops off. The size is good for a keychain, but if given the choice I probably wouldn't buy it again.
Vince ·
Not the best tool I own, the bottle opener is only good in a pinch.
Useful pocket tool
Eric ·
I also have a locking carabiner here from an auto parts store.
Handy little keyring tool
Niko Huupponen ·
Usefull keychains multitool!
Thor ·
It does what it should, and then some.
bobby p ·
Another perfect compliment to my other Leatherman products. Scrapes, prys ,open bottles,etc.great lil tool!
bobby p ·
Perfect lil prybar and scraper...has one lil hexhead Turner on it