Rite in the Rain All Weather Tactical Pocket Notebooks 3 Reviews


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Rite in the Rain All Weather Tactical Pocket Notebooks 3 Reviews (14 total)

If you're going to buy notebooks anyway, why not archival grade notebooks that can handle a bit of weather? While I've moved to the stapled versions for on-body carry due to the slimmer form factor, these still live in the cars and emergency kits.
Rite in rain is just exactly what you need if you work in the rain that it nothing to add those pad are amazing its probably my 10 pad so far and still in love with them
Handy for writing down the dimensions of a part without having to worry about grease etc.
The only complaint that I have is while in the pocket it engages and when you pull it out to write you have to scratch the paper with the tip of the pen before it will work
For all of my last minutes scribbling, be it class notes, grocery list, suspect information, or a nine-line.
Plastic cover helps extend the life of the cover and binding of the note book much longer.
Reliable and perfect for outdoor use.
Very durable for daily carry.
I love this notebook. I use it for everything from data logging to taking notes on what I want to do tonight.
Lead pencil works best.
Excellent place to store my ideas, to-dos, comments, or doodles.
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