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AJvS ·
Have this thing on me every day, you hardly notice you have it in your front or back pocket. Only thing I did is sharpen the knife a little bit. Love it so much that as soon as I thought I lost mine I ordered another one, never hurts to have a spare. Recommended for women too, fits in any tiny purse and has a nail file & tweezers. Perfect 'baby' leatherman.
Best compact multi-tool out there. The only useless item is the nail-file. Who actually uses the nail file that comes on every multi-knife?
Dave ·
Great tool! Just need to keep it clean and oiled.
jack mehoff ·
Scissors are excellent. The rest of the tools are sort of...better than nothing, so to speak. The knife is chisel ground and nothing special. I find the tweesers hard to use. Its a little heavy for a keychain, and a little too small and limited for a pocket tool. I find it more useful in the top drawer of my desk than on my person. It is well made though, typical of leatherman.
Kevin Osborne ·
Amazing little bit of kit. Strong usable scissors with an assortment of mini tools to go with packed into a tiny extremely well designed tool. Goes everywhere and sits flat, good suspension clip tool to accompany keys
John B. ·
This comes in handy when having to open things around the office, tightening up or loosening smaller flathead screws, getting splinters out, etc... It's definitely worth having in your pocket at all times.
Edmundo ·
With house key in lieu of nail file
Connor Moriarty ·
Small but capable
Sean ·
Bought on sale at the local hardware store
The paracord lanyard I made myself
B blackie ·
Great tool. Got it from my grandpa years ago
Edmundo ·
Key mod - it has my house key, 3 screw drivers and a nail file
Jeff ·
Super useful. I have been denied entry to some events and locations because it has tools with sharp edges.
James Harrison ·
Given to me by my father
Edmundo ·
With all screwdrivers, nail file and house key
Slade ·
Nice addition to my carry. The scissors come in handy around the office.
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