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I love the weight and texture of this knife, and find it is very sharp. In spite of the small size it is still comfortable, and I feel safe, to use. My only complaint is that when previously I used it for pocket care the wire clip screw kept working loose. I had to tighten it repeatedly. Now I keep in my small EDC case and have no issues!
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suboan ·
light weight and easy to use
The best pocket folding knife I've ever used. Super sharp, easy to clean, I can open and close it with one hand.
This Spyderco is my Favorite Knife i own and i Have A LOT OF KNIVE’S! Somewhat like 60/100 knives last i counted it was something like 56-57 but that was about 3 years ago? And out of all my Knives and even my Tanto Collection isnt as Sweet as this Baby. If you dont have one and can afford one GET ONE! ;)
Michael Brousseau ·
My go-to EDC, especially while wearing dress pants. Super light-weight, strong blade, strong lockup, discreet deep-carry clip and great steel make the dragonfly the perfect EDC blade.
My first Spyderco. Extremely sharp and light, worth the money.
VG-10 steel, razor sharp & light.
Dan Post ·
Great little knife! I got tired of carrying large blades when I only used about 2" of the blade, so I sold some blades and bought the perfect EDC sized knife for my tastes!
Brian ·
Lightweight and capable. This is an excellent choice for a small EDC knife.
SCWillson ·
The steel handled version of the Dragonfly was my EDC knife for nearly a decade. I've recently started carrying traditionals, but the DF is still my all time favorite knife and I have considering getting a G-10 version.