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light weight and easy to use
I love this knife. I've been carrying it every day for over a year. I highly recommend adding a little 2" paracord snake lanyard like I have on mine in my profile picture. It makes it easy to retrieve from your pocket and acts sort of like a grip extension on a magazine- it effectively adds a bit more handle for my pinky. I've carried other blades of this size and many larger, but after a year with this I never carry anything else unless I'm hiking and carrying something larger for processing firewood or whatever.
Not sure you can see the lanyard in my profile picture. Search youtube for Paracord Snake Knot Lanyard for guidance.
The best pocket folding knife I've ever used. Super sharp, easy to clean, I can open and close it with one hand.
This Spyderco is my Favorite Knife i own and i Have A LOT OF KNIVE’S! Somewhat like 60/100 knives last i counted it was something like 56-57 but that was about 3 years ago? And out of all my Knives and even my Tanto Collection isnt as Sweet as this Baby. If you dont have one and can afford one GET ONE! ;)
My go-to EDC, especially while wearing dress pants. Super light-weight, strong blade, strong lockup, discreet deep-carry clip and great steel make the dragonfly the perfect EDC blade.
My first Spyderco. Extremely sharp and light, worth the money.
VG-10 steel, razor sharp & light.
Great little knife! I got tired of carrying large blades when I only used about 2" of the blade, so I sold some blades and bought the perfect EDC sized knife for my tastes!
Lightweight and capable. This is an excellent choice for a small EDC knife.
The steel handled version of the Dragonfly was my EDC knife for nearly a decade. I've recently started carrying traditionals, but the DF is still my all time favorite knife and I have considering getting a G-10 version.
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