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American Flag ·
The blade is a little bit small compared to what I like to carry usually (minimum 3 inches), but the steel is superior to the usual AUS 8 or 8Cr13MoV that you get in better-looking knives from other companies in the same price range. Ergonomics are very good. I also own the Endura 4. Some have called the Delica 4 the best EDC knife (non-cheap, beater knife) available on the market, and I agree. It does everything you would need for an urban EDC knife in a realistic setting.
Jonathan ·
4/5. Very nice compact folder. Probably especially good for those with smaller hands. Combo blade is a little impractical, given it's length.
Kyle ·
My go to knife on a day to day basis. At under $100 it's nice enough to have that second kind of cool, but functional enough to maintain the first kind of cool. Classic Syderco thumb hole deployment isn't everybody's cup of tea, but if you're reading this review then you probably dig it. Japanese steel has kind of a cool factor for me 1) because I am Japanese 2) because the Japanese are known for their blades. VG-10 steel does require some care, but is easily sharpened. The FFG makes it a great choice for EDC. The jimping on the blade allows for choking up, and really doing some delicate work. I don't forsee defending myself with this blade, but that's not really my purpose for it. If you want more of a tactical blade, I'd suggest the Delica's big brother, the Endura. Overall 9.5 out of 10 for EDC.
ThaGreenBoy ·
One of the best lightweight EDC knives I have ever had!
Brandon ·
Must have deep pocket carry Etsy clip
Alex ·
Custom TI deep carry clip
Nate Doucette ·
Love this light weight snappy knife. Perfect EDC.
Chris Borders ·
Spyderco FeliCa zome modifies. It has a flytanium titanium backspace and a Mx gear custom titanium pocket clip
Great for EDC, perfect for me.
Sjsj ·
Kahrarms edition exellent delica 🤯
Randy ·
My Delica is the third option when I open my knife drawer behind my Bugout and R2D2. It is a good knife, just does not feel as good in my hand or pocket as those two.
Elliott Warshowsky ·
First Spyderco and lock back knife. I see my self carrying this for a long time.
John Wallace ·
A very festive knife you have on you on a fun and relaxing weekend.
Emory Alexander ·
Great Hybrid Pocket Knife/Folder
Louie Lopez ·
Super light sharp perfect edc blade.
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