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Spyderco byrd Meadowlark2 Black FRN PlainEdge Knife Reviews

From Spyderco


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Spyderco byrd Meadowlark2 Black FRN PlainEdge Knife Reviews (4 total)

Assist RM Otc ·
After unboxing I really had mixed feeling toward the knife. The knife come extremely sharp out of the box, the blade is strong rigid and comes with a thumb hole. Personally I am a big fan of thumb hole I own a Sanrenmu 7092 with thumb stud and feels annoyed that the thumb stud keeps getting in my way on my bench stone.The texture of the FRN is very grippy and really catches your palm. The spine lock feels very solid and the customizable clip position is a great plus, don't forget to mention the finger choil, I carry my byrd tip down. Now for the cons the major disappointments for me are the Back spacer is FRN not metal and that freaked me out, not that I expect it to break but hey better safe than sorry. The second and most disappointment for me is the fit and finish on my meadowlark 2. My handle got a lot of extra material which make the blade looks messy plus my back spacer is taller than the spine it makes the handle feels un even, The pivot is stiff, too stiff its so hard to open compare with my sanrenmu 7092 which open like a breeze. I've try loosen the pivot screw as far as it will cause no blade play, doesn't really help. Out of the box the blade feels like there are no lube applied at all, I found icky black smear all over the moving parts of the blade. I try the paper cutting test its works fine until I notice a nick in my blade, not a major problem there, a session on a bench stone will fix it right up. I really feel both happy and a bit betrayed. The knife it self is so cool the weight and feels is great but, man a few small things just ruined the greatness of the knife, I know I shouldn't be complaining about the blade at this price point, but I own a cheaper blade which the fit and finish though not great, its sure beats the crap out of the Byrd meadowlark 2. I know Byrd is not Spyderco but, hey being low cost is different from being cheap, you can't just throw quality control out the door. Please make me proud.
Tyler Evans ·
Easy deployment, sharp blade.
Assist RM Otc ·
Update!! I decided to take apart my meadowlark 2 yesterday to clean, and reapply lube and, I found a lot more fault in my knife. The back spacer of the knife was held on by screws and a small metal shaft. The problem is that hole for that small metal shaft was not straight, the hole was diagonal there fore the shaft is diagonal with messy extra plastic. The assembly line forced screw the knife resulting in a uneven spine on my meadowlark 2. I remove the extra plastic and try to adjust the shaft to make it as straight as possible, now its better but still not as good as expected. Really feel sad about my knife. I live far away so I can't really claim the knife, the shipping cost alone in already worth more than the darn thing.
Assist RM Otc ·