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Mark Ronan ·
This is a great light and packs a punch for its size.....can't wait to see how the pantina is going to turn out.
M LeJeune ·
Twitter short story: "Tiny regal torch, huge possibilities"

Pro's: Size: so small you can even put it in the coinpocket of your jeans
Lumens: Yeah, 500 on a CR123 for a sub 100$ light. 'Nuf Said.
Flat butt/ tail magnet: more options to put the light on things, thus leaving your hands free for other things.
Looks: the normal S1 looks great, but this one is just an eyecatcher. I already got a few compliments on it.
UI: Takes only a few minutes playing around with to feel natural. Truth be told, I'm using the superb moonlight mode more than anything else.
Defensive capabilities: Tested it with a friend in streetlight evening conditions. Direct light from the turbo mode for 3 seconds from a 1,5 m distance, gives at least 15 seconds of temporary blindness before your periferal vision recovers. Macular vision and focus take minutes. Could definitely be used for blinding tactics.

Con's: CRI: Led is a bit bluish, better suited for urban environments.
Button placement: the side button limits your gripping options and clearly pushes you towards an overhand grip (unless you have a lot of strenght and coordination in you pinky).
Weight: when compared to the regular S1 this one is a heavier ( almost 70 g vs 45 g for the aluminium version). But it's still light enough to be dropped in your pocket and you forget that it's even there.

Conclusion: Love it, highly recommend it.
If you want it even lighter/ want a black one, go with the regular S1.
You can't go wrong with this light.