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KeySmart Extended Reviews (34 total)

Dawson ·
Great budget key organizer
George ·
useful for work keys
Rayray ·
Best keychain ever. Fight me.
Logan Latham ·
Custom anodized
Ron Cuyos ·
With mini light ang Tile back up
B Walkem ·
A pain in the butt to put together
Douglas S. ·
Personal Keys
KeySmart to organize the jumble of keys and my truck key...
Mark Putt ·
Added griffin tool, USB and Klecker blade
CR Moore ·
W/ thin optics
Jonah Kellam ·
Compact and readable light
Brian B ·
Work keys
Jonah Kellam ·
keeping everything neat and tidy
Melissa ·
Excellent concept, main issue for me is that I have several different shapes of keys so they don't all fit in. Still, reduces the noise and bulk significantly of a traditional key ring bunch.
Tristan Peoples ·
Fantastic little "anti pocket poker" that keeps your keys nice and quiet and compact.
Viva la minimalist
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