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Joseph Thomas Murray ·
One of Gerbers
Lightweight, with an interesting look. Was going to offer it to my kid when one day I reached for it and my pinkie managed to slide into the middle gap in the frame and I could feel the very sharp blade against the tip of my finger.
I tried fiddling with it some more. Turns out it is rather unsafe. I've never gotten cut with it, however, I can see it being a risk factor for people with slender fingers, especially younger adults.
Jerry Pruitt ·
Nice and lite, nice to carry as a pocket knife.
parttimepicker ·
Great knife for the money. Decent steel, lightweight, nicely shaped and sturdy blade.
If the pocket clip were deeper, it would be perfect.
Hayden Nininger ·
This was my first knife as a kid. I love it, the bolt to open the knife is getting a little loose and I don't know what to do about that but that's the only prolem I've ever had with it.
Erik G ·
Believe it or not I actually found this one walking in Miami.
Johnny Miller ·
Quality versatile blade
Douglas S. ·
Currently carrying my Backup/Loaner knife. Still waiting on the return of my beloved Emerson Commander from a co-worker...

My primary EDC knives are the Emerson Commander and Emerson Sheepdog (neither pictured).
Jesse ·
I love this knife! Clip is strong and does not slip out of my pocket exiting cars and even when snagged on other things.
Alfred B ·
Not a very sharp blade,I carry this and the sabre when I'm in a bad part of town